Hilltop Smart Homes is the product of almost 20 years of Rob Arnolda's experience in working in high to ultra-high-end homes covering an extensive area, from Central Queensland to the Tweed.

Rob has dedicated most of his life to technology, music and un-paralleled service. It began with his fascination with electronics under his father's guidance and building projects in the family living room, to chasing the ultimate in Audio-Visual reproduction through his adoration of music and high-end audio systems - again, his father's influence. Having also worked in demanding customer service and people/project management roles, Rob has always held a "whatever it takes" philosophy when it comes to providing the service and product that is required by the most discerning clients.

Rob is a “maker” and while not a fan of that term, he quite often fabricates items to suit the specific needs of installations. From custom, one-off mounting brackets and hardware, to selecting and shaping a variety of timbers and hardwoods to create beautiful speaker enclosures and pieces of cabinetry, when off-the-shelf items just didn’t “cut it”.

Rob has worked in some of Brisbane's more traditional, premiere Hi-Fi specialist stores both in sales and in a technical capacity. Today he spends most days installing and programming (or trying to break) the best in Smart Home products, and making beautiful homes do incredibly cool things.

After working mostly under the radar by means of contracting to South-East Queensland's premium Home Automation companies, or by special request to a limited, private clientele, Rob is now availing himself to the larger market and opening the doors to new clients.

He'd love to work with you.