Trust your senses.


A lot of work was put in to making that movie, as well as its soundtrack. Make sure you experience both the sound and the vision in the way the creator intended.

All too often we have encountered an entertainment system, be it a theatre, living room system or even something as simple as a pair of speakers by an outdoor terrace, delivering a less-than-stellar result due to careless design or mismatching of components.

As the owner and sole designer at Hilltop Smart Homes, Rob has nearly 2 decades of experience with some of the world's finest and most elite brands of audio visual equipment. Through working in various high-end audio stores, he has gained more than enough experience and has designed and installed some truly exhilarating audio systems. His expertise and “ear” for audio are often sought after by industry peers when they need to get it just right.

Once you have seen and heard exactly how well high-quality equipment can reproduce a passage of music or a particular scene from a movie, and you have felt the goosebumps and emotions as a result, you will never again under-estimate the importance of having the right hardware for the task.

We believe that regardless of your level of experience, everybody knows what they like, and what they don't. It's merely a matter of being introduced to what is on offer from some of the better manufacturers, and learning to trust your eyes and ears to guide you toward a system that you will thoroughly enjoy for many years to come.