It’s 1am in the middle of winter. You’re rugged up in bed while outside it’s 2 degrees and bucketing down. “What was that noise?....    ....did I close the garage door?”

Simply check your touchscreen or smartphone to confirm that all your doors are closed and locked, then take a quick look through your security cameras for added peace of mind - All without lifting the covers.

With so much junk on the market these days, it’s important that your cameras are of a standard that will stand-up and provide the evidence that you need, clearly and without cause for doubt.

Those no-name, 2 megapixel camera kits from eBay just don’t cut it. With picture quality that is rarely of a standard deemed “court admissible”, and a user interface that leaves much to be desired, they will only serve to let you down during your time of need.

A properly designed and correctly installed Security Camera system will ensure that you receive the best value for your investment, with the right type of cameras in the right places, rather than just “throwing up” whatever seemed like the best deal at the time.